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Ultra Stereo™

Ultra Stereo™

From Wikipedia, Chace Audio

Ultra Stereo™ was introduced in 1984 as a competitor to the Dolby® Stereo process of encoding surround sound for theatrical presentation. Like Dolby Stereo, the Ultra Stereo process took four channels of LCRS audio (Left, Center, Right and Surround) and matrix-encoded them to fit onto the two channels of 35mm optical theatrical release prints. These two channels can then be decoded by the cinema processor in the theater and played back again in their original LCRS configuration.

Films encoded in Ultra Stereo can also be decoded on Dolby Cinema processors, as it was designed to be compatible with Dolby Stereo prints. Unlike the Dolby process, however, using the Ultra Stereo process does not require licensing fees. As of 2007, over 900 titles are listed as using this format, mainly consisting of low-budget and independent films.

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