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From Chace Audio

When filling an M&E for foreign distribution, mixers make some creative decisions on what sounds to keep from the original language’s dialog track. All of the original-language dialog is removed so it can be replaced by foreign actors, but some non-verbal sounds (such as kissing and breathing) and language-less vocalizations (such as grunts and efforts) can be useful to foreign editors. Mixers will place these non-verbal sounds and language-less vocalizations on a separate “options” track in case foreign editors choose to use them.

Option tracks can save time and money in foreign territories. For example, instead of spending time on a dubbing stage trying to get actors to fake the grunts and efforts of a fight scene, the foreign editor can choose to “steal” these sounds from the options track.

Vocals from source music sung by actors can also be included on the options track. This gives foreign territories the option to dub the vocals themselves or keep the original vocals. This is especially important if the vocals contain plot-specific information that must be conveyed to the audience.