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Naming Convention
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Naming Convention

From Chace Audio

A naming convention is a set of rules determining the use of abbreviations to identify files or physical assets. The goal of an efficient and effective naming convention is that its users will be able to deduce information about an asset based on their knowledge of the rules, which are often used to convey metadata in the name scheme.

There are endless permutations possible upon which all users must agree. For example, a home video asset file name might include: languages, versions, episodes, audio configuration, aspect ratio, etc. For computer data, a well-defined system is especially essential if there is a 32-character limit on the filename.

Pro Tools® session example: "Professionals51ENG&MonoCast_20080214" describes the film title “The Professionals,” the audio format as “5.1,” the languages “English” and “mono Castilian Spanish,” and the date the session was completed, “February 14, 2008.”

Audio-compression example: “Professionals_51_NT_ENG_448_48”
This describes the film title “The Professionals,” the audio format “5.1,” the format “NTSC,” language “English,” a compression bit rate of “448 kbps,” and a sample rate of “48k.”