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IM Distortion
Interleaved Stereo Audio...


From Chace Audio

IPS is the acronym for Inches Per Second. IPS is the standard unit for describing the speed of magnetic audiotape in the United States.

If a tape element is described as having been recorded at 15ips, a tape playback machine must allow fifteen inches of the tape's length to pass by its playback head in one second in order to ensure proper playback. Tapes recorded at 15ips and played back at 7 1/2ips will sound slow and everything will be pitched down, as the tape will be running at half the speed it was running when recorded.

The faster the speed of the magnetic tape, the higher the fidelity of the recording will be because more audio information can be recorded as the length of tape per second gets longer. The most common professional recording speeds are 30ips,15ips, and 7 1/2ips. Consumer recordings can be found at 7 1/2ips, 3 3/4ips, 1 7/8ips, and even 15/16ips, but the fidelity on these tapes will not be suitable for most professional purposes.