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EQ Shift
Exabyte Tape

EQ Shift

From Chace Audio

EQ, or equalization, is the application of a boost or cut to specific frequencies in audio program. The term “EQ shift,” as used in a QC log or report, refers to a sudden audible change in the frequency content of a program. Take, for example, a film in which two characters are having a conversation in a restaurant. The soundtrack contains an ongoing background of restaurant ambience. On a particular cut, the overall sound, timbre, and more specifically, the frequency content of the program changes. The new shot contains the same characters, the same restaurant, and takes place at the same time, but it suddenly sounds very different due to a boost or cut of various frequencies: this is an EQ shift.

The music these ladies make would be just as lovely as they are if it weren't for those pesky EQ shifts around the cuts to and from the tuba soloist!

Video clip courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive and The Rick Chace Foundation from A Century of Sound ©2007. All rights reserved.