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7.1 Multi-channel Audio

From Chace Audio

7.1 refers to multi-channel audio intended to be monitored through eight channels: seven full frequency range (20Hz to 20KHz) channels and one frequency limited (below 120Hz) channel for the LFE (Low Frequency Effects), or Subwoofer track.

7.1 multi-channel audio has several theoretical channel configurations, but only two are routinely encountered in practical applications:

1) The Sony SDDS format, used primarily in theaters, arranges the seven full frequency range channels as five channels across the front - Front Left, Front Left Center, Front Center, Front Right Center, and Front Right - along with Left and Right Surround channels.

2) Blu-ray DiscĀ® can accommodate several 7.1 channel configurations. The most common configures the seven full frequency range channels as Front Left, Front Center, Front Right, Left Surround, Right Surround, Left Back, and Right Back.

For an example of a home theater 7.1 speaker configuration, see