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From Chace Audio

A CP-16 is a 16mm color print (hence the "CP") on which the soundtrack is recorded onto a magnetic stripe located on the side of the film opposite from the sprocket holes. Documentary filmmakers, news crews, and home movie enthusiasts primarily used this format because sound could be recorded directly to the magnetic stripe while shooting the footage.

The frequency response of CP-16 (when new) is similar to standard 16mm magnetic film, approximately 30Hz to 12.5kHz. However, since the overall width of the magnetic stripe is much smaller than standard 16mm magnetic film (approximately 1/16th of an inch, or 1.6mm, as compared to a full 16mm across), CP-16 has a shorter life expectancy. Due to its small size, the stripe wears out quickly.

CP-16 is also prone to deterioration such as vinegar syndrome due to the different types of emulsion, both magnetic and optical, used on acetate film. The result of this type of deterioration could be loss of fidelity or high frequency response, dropouts, and an overall dull, muffled quality as the magnetic oxide is lost. Additionally, because 16mm film travels at only 36 feet per minute, wow and flutter become more apparent. In fact, wow and flutter are two of the main issues with any 16mm sound track, regardless of age.

A special single-track CP-16 playback head is required for proper playback of this format.