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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Information Disclaimer is a glossary of terms written specifically within the context of the audio post production / audio restoration industry. Although all terms are reviewed for accuracy, is not intended for academic or technical use.

How do I search for a term on TriggerTone?

There are several ways to find terms and their definitions:

Search Widget:
Start typing a term into the search widget in the upper right hand corner of the site - a list of matching terms will drop down. From the list, select a term and click GO. If your term does not appear in the drop down list, finish typing the term and click GO to view the entire list of search results.

Browse by Spelling:
Click on a letter to view a list of terms starting with that letter. Terms with alternate spellings, such as Cross-Fade/X-Fade, will redirect you to the definition that uses TriggerTone's preferred spelling.

Tag Cloud:
The tag cloud offers a way to browse through terms tagged with related subjects. For example, to browse through definitions of audio anomalies encountered in audio post restoration, click on the word ANOMALY in the tag cloud. Subjects tagged with a greater number of terms appear in a larger font in the tag cloud.

Firefox Search Engine Extension:
In Firefox, you can search TriggerTone directly from the search engine (in the upper right corner of the browser window). Click on the arrow on the left side of the search field and select "Add TriggerTone search." Thereafter, select "TriggerTone" from this list to search for a term on TriggerTone without first having to navigate directly to

Recent Searches:
Your past five searches appear in a list below the search widget for your convenience.

How do I submit a term or report an error?

Select "Feedback" from the upper right hand corner to email us. Enter your email address, select a subject from the drop down list, type your message, and click "Submit Feedback." Term suggestions and revisions will be reviewed, created, and uploaded when appropriate. We appreciate your feedback!

Can I use content from TriggerTone?

Except where noted, all text, image, video, and audio content on is owned by Chace Audio, but may be copied and shared with proper attribution: "Content courtesy of Chace Audio /"